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Why Lime-Yellow Fire Trucks Are Safer Than Red

It’s hard to move away from tradition, but sometimes for the sake of accessibility, and in this case safety, some design traditions need to be phased out.

Human factors and ergonomics researchers have found that bright yellow vehicles are less likely to be involved in accidents.

Source: Why Lime-Yellow Fire Trucks Are Safer Than Red

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What kind of shopper are you?

New Canadian research has revealed key information about holiday shoppers’ behaviour. They are browsing and purchasing over longer stretches of time, and it’s more important than ever for you to be there for them earlier in the season.

Google analyzes and describe four types of Canadian holiday shoppers and explains how marketers can best help them navigate the holiday season.

A really nice, insightful and easy to read report. Great responsive design layout too.

Source: Think with Google


[Webinar] Digital Transformation, with Brian Solis

A great webinar that explores the role of digital champions in an organization. It’s about an hour long from the Altimeter Group.

This Altimeter Group webinar explores the findings of our latest research report on digital transformation. Attendees will learn what digital transformation is, how companies are embracing change, the challenges and opportunities that emerge throughout the process, and how to refocus and reorganize teams to modernize, optimize, and integrate digital touchpoints.