The State of Mobile User Experience

From the Nielsen Norman Group….

Fifteen years from the original iPhone, the quality of mobile user experience has stabilized. Mobile standards have emerged and the lines between the mobile web and native apps are becoming blurrier.

Source: The State of Mobile User Experience

Don’t design for mobile, design for mobility


The meaning of “responsive” has been badly spoiled. It’s reduced to no more than being able to adapt to different screen sizes. We need to bring back the concept of “responsive” to its fullest meaning: being able to respond, and thus establishing a communication with the user.

Just when we were starting to get used to the tools, frameworks and methodologies needed to design good mobile apps, we find the device landscape is changing again: smartwatches and other connected wearables, sensors and everything under the “Internet of Things” umbrella are bringing new complexity to our field, and makes it very difficult to tell where “mobile” or an “app” really starts and ends.

Source: Don’t design for mobile, design for mobility