[Webinar] Digital Transformation, with Brian Solis

A great webinar that explores the role of digital champions in an organization. It’s about an hour long from the Altimeter Group.

This Altimeter Group webinar explores the findings of our latest research report on digital transformation. Attendees will learn what digital transformation is, how companies are embracing change, the challenges and opportunities that emerge throughout the process, and how to refocus and reorganize teams to modernize, optimize, and integrate digital touchpoints.


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10 Concrete Steps To Take On The Road To Digital Transformation: A Checklist

Credit: inversion @flicker

Altimeter has developed a “Digital Transformation Checklist”. It looks at what they believe are the three most important aspects of digital readiness and provides a series of questions to probe for digital readiness.

These days, it seems like everyone is talking about going “digital.” Thanks to the disruptive technologies that have become part of every organization — social, mobile, analytics and cloud — the march to digital is happening faster than anyone had ever anticipated. But still, organizations don’t become digital enterprises overnight […]

Source: 10 Concrete Steps To Take On The Road To Digital Transformation: A Checklist