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Making data analytics work: Building a data-driven organization – YouTube

“Big data: What’s your plan?” sets out the imperative task: to develop a plan that brings together data, analytics, frontline tools, and people to create business value. Only by spending the time to craft a plan can executives establish a common language to focus on goals and on ways of getting started.”

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The Art of Data Storytelling: Structure — Juice Analytics

The best bit of advice from the Pixar storytellers is simple: work backwards […..] we consider what is the endpoint, the change or impact that we want to make on the audience, and then craft the story that can help get us there.

Source: The Art of Data Storytelling: Structure — Juice Analytics

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Good enough practices in scientific computing

Author summary Computers are now essential in all branches of science, but most researchers are never taught the equivalent of basic lab skills for research computing. As a result, data can get lost, analyses can take much longer than necessary, and researchers are limited in how effectively they can work with software and data. Computing workflows need to follow the same practices as lab projects and notebooks, with organized data, documented steps, and the project structured for reproducibility, but researchers new to computing often don’t know where to start. This paper presents a set of good computing practices that every researcher can adopt, regardless of their current level of computational skill. These practices, which encompass data management, programming, collaborating with colleagues, organizing projects, tracking work, and writing manuscripts, are drawn from a wide variety of published sources from our daily lives and from our work with volunteer organizations that have delivered workshops to over 11,000 people since 2010.

Source: Good enough practices in scientific computing



A gallery of real data ready to be placed in your design. Kind of like an App Store for fake content. Want to design with real data ? There’s a list for that.

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