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User Test Content Before You Start Design | UX Booth

Testing real content with users is often seen as a part of final usability testing. Low-fidelity wireframe testing may include only microcopy, headlines, or call-to-actions. Treejack testing highlights organizational issues in navigation or classification. Rarely is content tested prior to design. But why is this when content is what fills the designs and lead users through interactions and flows?

Source: User Test Content Before You Start Design | UX Booth

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Government’s content strategy is the linchpin of citizen experience | UX Booth

Time to save government as I say everyone morning….

The future of good government hinges on content strategy. Ultimately, content planning, organization, usability, and governance for online systems — and the human-to-human interactions they facilitate — affect the lives of people who use them every day. If the content strategy is bad, so goes the citizen experience.

Source: Government’s content strategy is the linchpin of citizen experience | UX Booth

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Complete Beginner’s Guide to Content Strategy


It’s all here folks! The gist and nitty-gritty details, the people to follow, the books to read, the tools, resources, and examples and all from a UX perspective too.

Ready to get real about your website’s content? In this article, we’ll take a look at Content Strategy; that amalgamation of strategic thinking, digital publishing, information architecture and editorial process. Readers will learn where and when to apply strategy, and how to start asking a lot of important questions.

Source: Complete Beginner’s Guide to Content Strategy