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Creating A Customer First Web Experience | Flickr

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How to add elements of CX to your website
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A Useful Guide to Content Types, Part 1 | UX Booth

Content types are the essential building blocks for a brand, a content management system, and a digital ecosystem. In this series, content strategist Carrie Hane helps us understand what they are, and how to use them for better content and a better experience.

Source: A Useful Guide to Content Types, Part 1 | UX Booth

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Complete Beginner’s Guide to Content Strategy


It’s all here folks! The gist and nitty-gritty details, the people to follow, the books to read, the tools, resources, and examples and all from a UX perspective too.

Ready to get real about your website’s content? In this article, we’ll take a look at Content Strategy; that amalgamation of strategic thinking, digital publishing, information architecture and editorial process. Readers will learn where and when to apply strategy, and how to start asking a lot of important questions.

Source: Complete Beginner’s Guide to Content Strategy


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Design Mock-Ups Need Dynamic Content: Tools and Plugins – Smashing Magazine

Nothing is perfect on the web, so our mock-ups shouldn’t pretend otherwise. Some helpful tools and plugins for using dynamic content in our deliverables.

Source: Design Mock-Ups Need Dynamic Content: Tools and Plugins – Smashing Magazine

In practice, mock-ups usually represent a perfect experience in a perfect context with perfect data which doesn’t really exist. A good example for it are “optimal” usernames which are perfectly short, fit on a single line on mobile and wrap nicely, or perfect photography that allows for perfectly legible text overlays. It’s not realistic. We need to work with dynamic content in our prototypes, with both average and extremes being represented.

We need to craft future-proof experiences, too. What if your interface design would need to be translated into other languages?